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Post  skullbuster147 on Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:38 am

MC user name: skullbuster147
Age: 13
Country: England
Languages: English
Favorite thing to build and why: Villages and farms because i like having a home with everything i need and i like to build realistic houses which look good.
IRL hobbies: BMX, Combined Cadet Force
Occupation: Nothing
Pick one of the following topics, and tell us something about it - Ancient Egypt, Famous Pianists, Nuclear Physics, Interesting phobias, Cat breeding: Ancient Egypt is a huge topic to talk about but is quite interesting. The locals would be dedicated to farming to survive. The river Nile provided the conditions to grow their crops. It provided the moist rich soil and water. Every year the river would flood the farm land bringing new soil on top and watering the land. You would only know the time of year it would come and just wait for the coming weeks for it to come, it was anyone's guess. Besides surviving, religion was also a huge part of their life. They built the famous pyramids all over Egypt where their worshiped one would rest.

I am a friend of Snook125 in real life, he told me about this server.


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skullbuster147's Application Empty Re: skullbuster147's Application

Post  kirean on Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:45 am

Congratulations, you've been added to the whitelist

The server address for the Minecraft server is...

If you wish to use a voice chat with members, we currently use Mumble, the information is...
PORT: 2057

Anywhere under "Random Land" are channels for our use.

I am locking this topic to prevent spam. If you have any issues, please send any OP (our names are in black) a PM and we will do our best to help you out.

Age : 31
Location : Durham, NC

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