gaia21 Application

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gaia21 Application

Post  gaia21 on Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:55 pm

MC user name: gaia21

Age: 23

Country: Germany (but i'm half american)

Languages: german, english, (a little bit of japanese and spanish)

Favorite thing to build and why: Water Temple, automatic rail tracks or other kinds of machines

IRL hobbies: gaming, programming, go out with friends (drink german beer), anime

Occupation: student... but i'm working part-time at bmw as a programmer (they make great cars!)

Pick one of the following topics, and tell us something about it - Ancient Egypt, Famous Pianists, Nuclear Physics, Interesting phobias, Cat breeding:

(yap i'm able to goolge! ;))
Nuclear physics is the field of physics that studies the constituents and interactions of atomic nuclei. The most commonly known applications of nuclear physics are nuclear power generation and nuclear weapons technology, but the research has provided application in many fields, including those in nuclear medicine and magnetic resonance imaging, ion implantation in materials engineering, and radiocarbon dating in geology and archaeology.
The field of particle physics evolved out of nuclear physics and is typically taught in close association with nuclear physics. (source:

Tell us your favorite websites for researching BuildCraft/IndustrialCraft:


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Re: gaia21 Application

Post  ThyGaming on Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:39 pm

Please hop on our Mumble server for an interview, the information is...

As soon as you join our Mumble server, you'll want to speak with any of the OPs that are online.
SpidrMnky, Kirean, Kaisan, Nautik, Ahnaris, NoKill, Chaotix, Eri, Martin, ThyTombStone, Mitt, Alex

If there are no OPs online, please leave a reply in this thread letting us know when you will be on Mumble, so one of us can hop in and interview you.


Age : 23
Location : In a Padded Room, Why?

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Re: gaia21 Application

Post  gaia21 on Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:30 pm

hey there,

currently in my finals-time... i will come online to your voice client in a couple weeks...

i will post the time one more time in this topic ;-)

thanks a lot

best regards


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Re: gaia21 Application

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