Evagast's Application

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Evagast's Application

Post  Evagast on Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:46 am

MC user name: Evagast

Age: 21

Country: United Kingdom

Languages: English

Favorite thing to build and why: For some reason I have a fascination with build mining systems. The Tekkit machines are also interesting to make.

IRL hobbies: Playing games, watching people play games, sitting, eating (Hmmm, fooood), Programming.

Occupation: Currently a Student, studying games development.

Pick one of the following topics, and tell us something about it - Ancient Egypt, Famous Pianists, Nuclear Physics, Interesting phobias, Cat breeding: Strange enough, I did a course in classical civilisations when I was younger and have always love ancient cultures and mythology. So on the topic of Ancient Egypt, I think what appeals to me most is the Gods that they have, Especially Anubis, Horus and Ra. There is also The great Ramesses II, also can be known as most powerful Pharaoh. You also can't fault them on their ability to create outstanding structures. Plus their love for cats! The Best Cat breeders in history!

Tell us your favorite websites for researching BuildCraft/IndustrialCraft: The Website that I mostly use is thetekkit.wikia.com. It gives all the information that I need for building anything that I want.


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Re: Evagast's Application

Post  chaotix8000 on Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:22 pm

Please hop on our Mumble server for an interview, the information is...

As soon as you join our Mumble server, you'll want to speak with any of the OPs that are online.
SpidrMnky, Kirean, Kaisan, Nautik, Ahnaris, NoKill, Chaotix, Eri, Martin, ThyTombStone, Mitt, Alex

If there are no OPs online, please leave a reply in this thread letting us know when you will be on Mumble, so one of us can hop in and interview you.


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Re: Evagast's Application

Post  ThyGaming on Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:32 pm

Your interview has finished and been approved, you're now added to the white list! Please view our server and forum rules.

The server address for the Minecraft server is...

I am locking this topic to prevent spam. If you have any issues, please send any OP (our names are in black) a PM and we will do our best to help you out.

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Re: Evagast's Application

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