Yodaking1999's Reapplication

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Yodaking1999's Reapplication

Post  yodaking1999 on Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:55 pm

Before, I start anything of this application i am sorry for what i did in the past please forgive me i am going to try and reapply because well I miss you guys well time to start.

Mc name: yodaking1999
Age: 12 almost 13
Country: USA
Language:English alittle Spanish
My new personal favorite thing to build will be a farm and animal farm because animals give some XP and farms provide needs for potion making(which i love to do)
IRL hobbies: Reading, playing videogames, watching youtubers, learning history, and eating
Occupation: Student
Ancient eygypt was a very famous civilization known for making many famous wonders of today like the pyramids large trianglar building with a possible tomb of a pharoh: a king of eygypt. The eygyptians were also known for religous reasons for example: They played a role of one of the jews most famous events and holiday of escaping the eygyptians to the promise land. The eygyptians were also known for there ability of preserving the body back then the eygyptians will remove all of most of the organs of a pharoh by hooks and many other objects and put them in jars to help keep the body from rotting. The eygyptians will then wrap the body in cloth and put them in a cofin. They did this because they thought that inorder to have a good afterlife you must have your objects like gold and clothes with you when you died so that you may be able to bring them along with you.


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Re: Yodaking1999's Reapplication

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:06 am

Alright Yoda, here's your second chance - you're whitelisted.



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