TheFailicus's Application

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TheFailicus's Application

Post  TheFailicus on Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:00 pm

MC user name: TheFailicus
Age: 15
Country: US
Languages: English (Some french, not fluent.)
Favorite thing to build and why: I like to build castles (I'm a huge history fan), houses (I'm only semi-obsessive with things, and houses are just fun to organize.), towns (I like to plan things out ahead of time, then construct.), and schools (Because I have a lot of reference materiel). And farms, I really don't know why...
IRL hobbies: Gaming, Talking, and Reading.
Occupation: N/A I'm not old enough, but I volunteer a lot...
Pick one of the following topics, and tell us something about it - Ancient Egypt, Famous Pianists or, Nuclear Physics:
Ancient Egypt: The Egyptians built the pyramids to house the sarcophagi (is that the right word?) of their pharaohs. Along with the sarcophagi, the pyramids contained items of worth to the pharaoh, which included, gold, necklaces, and occasionally slaves (Poor guys).
By the way for a famous Pianist, I was going to do Mozart, because he is a boss.


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Re: TheFailicus's Application

Post  Nautik on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:08 am

You've been added to the white list! Please view our server and forum rules HERE. If you'd like to join our Mumble server, the information is...

The server address for the Minecraft server is...

Most of the major projects on the server are built around the texture pack John Smith. It's not a requirement to install or use it, but odds are good that the server will look much better if you use the same texture pack that the moderators are using.

In order to use this texture pack, you need to download MCPatcher, and John Smith. There are installation instructions included in the zip file.

I am locking this topic to prevent spam. If you have any issues, please send any OP (our names are in black) a PM and we will do our best to help you out.

Age : 32
Location : Los Angeles

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